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The Cam Vale Group of Parishes includes the villages of Longburton, Holnest, Lillington and Leweston,
located in the picturesque Blackmore Vale and close to the renowned Abbey Town of Sherborne.

Due to the upcoming European Elections the Longburton Annual Village Meeting has been postponed until the 30 May 2019.

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uncontested election 2nd May 2019
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Home Library Service

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and delivered by Royal Voluntary Service volunteers free of charge to anybody who cannot easily get to their local library.

Sherborne Library has a team of volunteers who choose and deliver books on a 3 weekly basis in the area.
If you would be interested in finding out more about this service please contact Maria Jacobson, RVS Home Library Service Manager
Dorset, on 01305 236666

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A profile of the Cam Vale Group of Parishes

The Names: Longburton, Leweston, Lillington, Holnest

Longburton comes from the Old English lang (long) and burh-tun (fortified farm or farm near a fortification). A number of versions of the village name have been adopted over the centuries. This is hardly surprising in the period before spelling was standardised. Early references show Burton (1244), Buryton (1285), Bourton (1316) and Langebourton (1460).

Leweston is probably a farm belonging to a man called Leofwig, from the Old English tun + a personal name.

Lillington (farm called after a man named Lylla) comes from the Old English -lngton + a personal name. However, before 1293 the village belonged to one William de Lillington.

Holnest (copse or wooded hill where holly grows) comes from the Old English holeyn +hurst. References include Holeherst (1185), Holenherst (1268), Holnest (1316) and Holnhurst (1375).

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