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The Cam Vale Grouped Parish Council has provision for 9 Parish Councillors, 5 for Longburton, 1 Leweston, 1 Lillington and 2 Holnest. As well as their regular Parish Councillor duties several Councillors undertake special duties for the Parish Council, all to help make Cam Vale an even greater place to live.

The Council is supported in its work by the Parish Clerk, the sole employee of the Council. Details of all of your Parish Council can be found on this page.

The council meet regularly (currently five times a year), at the Longburton village hall and everyone from the area is invited to attend. Click here for details of the forthcoming meetings. The council also meet irregularly, as required by events (eg. to vet and sentence local planning applications).  By nature these meetings are not on the programme but will be added as required and once again all are invited to attend.

Notices of all meetings will also be posted on the Longburton, Lillington and Holnest notice boards at least 3 days before each event.