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Depot Site Update Report

Depot Site – New Village Hall - DCC Grant

It has been reported many times that Dorset County Council plan to share equally with the Longburton community the uplift in value of the Depot Site from its pre-sale condition to a development site with the benefit of Outline Planning for the provision of up to 20 houses. This decision was taken some time ago by the Dorset County Council Cabinet, the council's main decision-making body, in recognition of the support given by the community firstly, to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Development Order and then the Outline Planning consent.

The sale of the site was reported the October edition of this magazine but until recently we could only guess at what the value of this grant could be. Now the waiting is over!

On the 8 November the Cam Vale Parish Council received notification that the grant will be:


This sum is very close to previous estimates, which were ~£200,000, and very much in line with the funding needed to make a new village hall project viable.

This is relevant as DCC also pointed out that the grant is for the provision of community facilities on the depot site, a condition that was always understood and accepted. In current planning the 'community facilities' being referred is a new villager hall.

DCC intend retaining this funding until there is 'evidence that progress is being made with the provision the community facilities' ie. the new village hall. This makes clear that the action now rests with the Longburton community to ensure that sufficient progress is made and maintained with this project to ensure that this funding is released and made available as planned.

To this end an initial meeting has been held with the new site owners, Aster Group, a housing developer with a stated objective to build ethically. This meeting enabled both parties to outline their objectives and discuss how these could be best satisfied. Further meetings are planned.

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Depot Site now SOLD


Outline Planning Application (WD/D/15/000425)

Outline Planning Application to have the Depot site developed was finally approved on the 13 July 2016 and the Old Depot Site is now for sale, please see the following pictures