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Depot Site Update Report

The New Community Hall Takes Shape

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In a previous article we informed readers that the Planning Authorities (West Dorset District Council) have approved Aster's planning application for the housing development on the Depot Site. In the same article we let you know that an architect had been appointed to design the New Community Hall (NCH) planned for the 'community space' on the same site.

The architect's remit was to produce a set of outline drawings to support a full planning application to WDDC and that:

1. the design should, above all else, be affordable

2. it should accommodate short mat bowls or badminton,

3. it should have a separate meeting room (although this may be sacrificed if costs can't be contained)

4. it should have a suitable sized store room – for chairs, table tennis tables, etc.

5. in addition to the requisite toilets and store cupboards, etc, it should have a kitchen roughly the same size as at present

An initial set of drawings satisfying these requirements was produced and discussed with the WDDC Planning Authorities who have made a number of very constructive and helpful suggestions. These suggestions were incorporated into a revised set of drawings which are copied here. These drawings are currently being studied with a view to their being part of a full planning application to be submitted to WDDC shortly. Please note that these drawings should be considered indicative at this time as they may change as part of the ongoing planning approval process.

The other key element in this project is the planning application for a 'change of use' for the existing village hall (EVH) - to convert it into a domestic dwelling. It is essential that these two applications, the NCH and the EVH go forward together as the Planning Authorities have made it clear that they cannot approve the latter unless the go ahead is given for the NCH.

The plans for the NCH does not impact on the arrangements for the Children's Play Area, also planned for the site.

It must be recognised that whilst these plans represents the intentions of the NCH Steering Group it may however, become necessary to make adjustments as we enter the Planning Approval process. Whilst comments are welcomed the scope for change is VERY LIMITED because of the finite funding that is available.

Once full planning approval is obtained an open event will be held where all will have the opportunity to view the final design.

Further reports will be published when significant progress has been achieved.

Tom Gilchrist - on behalf of the NCH Steering Group who are responsible to the Cam Vale Parish Council




Further to previous published articles the developer for the Depot site has now submitted their planning application (details below). Whilst the application shows the range of housing planned for the site it does not show in any detail the community facilities. These are being discussed separately with Aster and will soon be developed by our architect, once appointed. Our current thinking on these facilities and the wider community facilities were outlined in previous articles in this magazine.

Given the wide support shown by residents for the development of this site this planning application represents a milestone event. The parish council will consider the application, in the normal manner, and make their decision on behalf of the community. Meanwhile the new community hall Steering Group will continue to work closely with Aster.

For more details or to comment please go to West Dorset District Council Planning website
and enter Application Number: WD/D/18/001165



Previouse update

The Depot Site Plan – Partially Revelled

Following the sale of the depot site a small Steering Group was formed to explore funding opportunities for a possible new village hall. One of their first tasks has been to enter into negotiations with the site developer, a firm called Aster, to agree the plots of land to be given to the community under the S106 Outline Planning Approval agreement. This Steering Group reports to both the Parish Council and the existing village hall Trustees.

Whilst the funding investigations continue a series of very constructive meetings with Aster has identified possible plots of land that could satisfy the S106 requirement – see the attached sketch. This shows sites for the three community amenities ie.

  • a village green (or new village hall if funding can be provided)
  • children's play area and
  • associated car parking.

Please note that nothing has been finally agreed yet and that negotiations with Aster continue.

Quite deliberately the sketch does not show any housing. This has been done at Aster's request as they are still refining their site layout and don't want their plans to be made public prematurely. It is envisaged that the full site layout, including housing, will be made public when Aster make their full planning application (scheduled for later this year).

Factors that have influenced the selection of these particular plots of land are:

  • the need to keep the amenities together in one area – to ease ongoing management and maintenance
  • the need to retain separation (insofar as possible) between the housing and the amenities
  • the need for the children's play area to be highly visible
  • the need for easy public access to the amenities – both from the road and the parking areas

Whilst the sketch includes an outline of a new village hall this is provided for illustrative purposes only. Having said that the diagram represents current the Steering Group thinking on what could be achieved. Factors influencing the layout are:

  • the desire for the main hall to be large enough to play badminton or short mat bowling (the outline shown in this sketch meets this objective). For comparison purposes the new main hall will be almost three times larger than the current hall.
  • the need for a suitable storage area adjacent to the main hall
  • the usual additional facilities - toilets and kitchen - adjacent to the main hall
  • a design that is affordable with good thermal properties and low, on-going maintenance costs
  • a design that has minimal impact on residents, both in the new houses to be built and in the surrounding area
  • hopefully a separate meeting room – costs permitting

The outline of the building shown in the sketch broadly meets these objectives – let's hope it is affordable!

Finally a note of caution. The sketch are initial ideas only and it is very likely that changes will be made as part of the ongoing design and planning process.

Further updates will be provided as things proceed.

Published on behalf of the Depot Site Steering Group


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Depot Site – New Village Hall - DCC Grant


It has been reported many times that Dorset County Council plan to share equally with the Longburton community the uplift in value of the Depot Site from its pre-sale condition to a development site with the benefit of Outline Planning for the provision of up to 20 houses. This decision was taken some time ago by the Dorset County Council Cabinet, the council's main decision-making body, in recognition of the support given by the community firstly, to the preparation of the Neighbourhood Development Order and then the Outline Planning consent.

The sale of the site was reported the October edition of this magazine but until recently we could only guess at what the value of this grant could be. Now the waiting is over!

On the 8 November the Cam Vale Parish Council received notification that the grant will be:


This sum is very close to previous estimates, which were ~£200,000, and very much in line with the funding needed to make a new village hall project viable.

This is relevant as DCC also pointed out that the grant is for the provision of community facilities on the depot site, a condition that was always understood and accepted. In current planning the 'community facilities' being referred is a new villager hall.

DCC intend retaining this funding until there is 'evidence that progress is being made with the provision the community facilities' ie. the new village hall. This makes clear that the action now rests with the Longburton community to ensure that sufficient progress is made and maintained with this project to ensure that this funding is released and made available as planned.

To this end an initial meeting has been held with the new site owners, Aster Group, a housing developer with a stated objective to build ethically. This meeting enabled both parties to outline their objectives and discuss how these could be best satisfied. Further meetings are planned.

This article is published on behalf of the Cam Vale Parish Council

- working for the benefit of ALL in the community

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Depot Site now SOLD


Outline Planning Application (WD/D/15/000425)

Outline Planning Application to have the Depot site developed was finally approved on the 13 July 2016 and the Old Depot Site is now for sale, please see the following pictures