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Council Depot Site Development

Status Reports

The Parish Council is committed to the redevelopment of the former Longburton Depot site in accordance with the wishes of the local community as expressed in the Parish Plan. The site is a former county council road maintenance depot, which ceased to be used in 2004.  Since then the site has become increasingly derelict, overgrown and hence an eyesore spoiling an otherwise attractive village.

The removal of Longburton’s Defined Development Boundary in 2006 prevents any development within the village.  However, the new Localism Act (2011) now provides the means to progress the development of this site, probably through a Neighbourhood Development Order (NDO) or a Community Right To Build (CRTB) order. These are similar processes both of which require the village to identify what is wanted on the site and providing this is acceptable to an independent Inspector appointed by West Dorset District Council the proposals will be submitted to a poll of the whole village.  If this is carried by a majority vote (ie. more than 50%) then the plan for the site's development will be adopted by the West Dorset District Council.

An open meeting demonstrated that there is broad support for this process, and the Parish Council authorised the setting up of a Neighbourhood Development Order (NDO) Working Party, comprising both Parish Councillors and other interested parishioners.  This group had its inaugural meeting on January 14 2013.

Neighbourhood Plan Area Application - the results of the application

Hilary Jordan the WDDC Spatial and Community Policy Manager has now confirmed that West Dorset District Council has agreed the designation of our Neighbourhood Plan Area as submitted. Further details can be found on our website at: http://www.dorsetforyou.com/406403 or at Council Offices.

Working Group Members

Gerry Squires - Co Chairman & Parish Councillor

Tom Gilchrist - Co Chairman & Parish Councillor

Recreation sub-group: Annabel Fricker & Rebecca Gibbons

Shop sub-group: Cheryl Ashburn & Jenny Barnett

Village Hall sub-group: Jeff Clements & Paul Wright

Housing sub-group: Nigel Patterson & Bev Brewe

Advisors to the Working Group:

Peter Scarlett: Dorset County Council (Estates manager)

Sally Lloyd-Jacob: West Dorset County Council

Deb Appleby: Locality (South West area)

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