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Longburton Telephone Box

Update on Longburton Telephone Box

The Telephone box was purchased for £1 from BT by the Parish Council and now houses a Village Map showing properties along the A352 through Longburton. It is maintained by a small group of village volunteers. 


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The following is a progress report on the Parish Council adoption of the Longburton Telephone Box

After the positive result of the community consultation a public meeting was held to decide on the future use of the box. Feedback showed the majority of residents wanted the box to house a village location map to identify properties in Longburton.

At a recent Parish Council meeting concerns over security, public liability and potential planning issues regarding the box were addressed. It was then agreed that the contract to purchase (£1) the phone box be signed and returned to BT.

The Parish Council has since been informed by BT that the payphone equipment will be removed from the box after which a completion notice will be issued.

When the completion notice is issued a small working group from the Friends of Longburton Telephone Box will be contacted to appraise any initial maintenance followed by a cleaning schedule

We would like to say thank you to all those residents who, on a very cold February evening attended the public meeting in the Village Hall.



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Public meeting at Village Hall

7.30pm Thursday 11th February 2016

There will be an open meeting in the Village Hall to update residents on the progress of the Parish Councils adoption of the Longburton Telephone Box and to discuss its future use.

We would particularly welcome those residents who indicated they could help maintain the telephone box.

Please bring along your suggestion of the possible future use of the box. For example other villages have used them for “Plant display, art gallery, village notice board, book exchange, defibrillator station and more.


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Longburton Telephone Box Voting Results.

The Parish Council would like to thank all those residents who took part in the recent phone box vote.

The results were

Total Votes cast = 57

Keep the box  YES = 44      NO = 13     Help maintain the box = 21

Based on such a positive result the Parish Council has made an application to BT to adopt the Longburton Telephone Box.

BT has informed us the application process may take some time to finalise.

In the New Year a short open meeting will be held in the village hall to provide an update of the adoption process and discuss future use of the telephone box. A time and date for the meeting will be published in the Longburton News and www.camvaleparishcouncil.co.uk