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Plus Bus

Dorset Community Transport

The Dorset Community Transport organisation have contacted the Cam Vale Parish Council regarding the recent bus cuts caused by the continuing reductions in the Dorset County Council funding.

Dorset Community Transport is a charitable community transport organisation that is mainly involved with school transport for local authorities. However, it also runs group community transport and rural bus services and have operated some bus services prior to them being discontinued.

They have recently introduced something called "Plus Bus" which is a service aimed at replacing previous bus services that have been lost. They have already put in place a mini bus services to Salisbury, Dorchester, Wimborne, Bridport & Blandford and a replacement for the previous 317 service.

In the short time they have been operating they have already proved to be very popular so it is intend to expand the "Plus Bus" scheme to other areas that that may have a need for regular bus services to nearby centres. "Plus Bus" is in the early stages so Dorset Community Transport have asked to be mentioned in local parish and community newsletters firstly, to raise their profile, but also to inform communities that they are looking to assess interest in the "Plus Bus" service in other areas.

Those interested in pursuing this should contact “Dorset Community Transport” directly. Their website which contains all of their contact details can be found by doing a Google search using “Dorset Community Transport” or by inserting this address: http://ectcharity.co.uk/. This can also be found through the Dorset Council website.