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'Lest we forget'

A Follow-Up to earlier articles on the Longburton War Memorial

When asked to improve the legibility of the inscription on the War Memorial (way back in late 2015) I could not have appreciated what would be involved. Initially the task was to identify who owned the memorial - which was a real surprise! Having done this the next task was to find a cost effective solution that would be acceptable to those with an 'overseeing' interest – eg. The WDDC Planning and ecclesiastic authorities. Eventually, all of these problems were resolved and now we can clearly identify the names as originally recorded.

The thought then came to mind; so we have the names but who were these men? Does making their names more visible do justice to what they did? Does it all really matter 100 years after the event? In essence - do we care – an important question for all of us as we once again approach another Remembrance Day.

I believe people still do care as demonstrated by residents, without prompting, asking for the inscription to be made legible. This sentiment was underlined in the responses received to a questionnaire published in this magazine where it was asked if the effort should be made to improve the inscription's legibility. The overwhelming response was that something should be done and that the Parish Council should spent the necessary resources.

One poignant remark made in a questionnaire response was along the lines – how can we say we will remember them when we can't read their names.

Now we can read the names but what do the names mean for us today - who were these men?

It is not possible to cover all of those named in this short article but to to pick on a few:

The nine men listed came from a diverse group. Mainly local farm workers and labourers with one exception. This was Gareth Hamilton Fletcher who lived at Leweston Farm and was related to the owner of Sherborne Castle. He was born and enlisted in London and of those listed on our memorial was the first to be killed. He died on 25 Jan 1915 in France aged just 20 and the indications are that he has no known grave. It is appropriate then that he should be remembered here in Longburton.

The youngest named on the list is (Robert) Leslie Biddlecombe who was only 18 when killed. He died on the 9 Oct 1918, only days before the war ended! How tragic for his family. As if this was not enough the family had already suffered a previous loss when Leslie's older brother William (Charles) Biddlecombe, was killed earlier in the conflict. William Biddlecombe died in Feb 1916 aged only 20 having been badly wounded and sent home. Unfortunately he did not recover but died of his injuries. William Biddlecombe is the only one of the nine listed to be buried in the St James the Great's church yard. These two brothers were part of a family of six.

As an aside, and whether it is related is not known, but between these two deaths their father, Robert Biddlecombe, died in Dec 1916 aged only 46. His wife (and the boys' mother) Eliza Biddlecombe, never re-married. She died much later, at the healthy age of 71, in Sep 1937 in Weymouth, from where the family came originally.

It is hoped to provide similar short pen-pictures of the others listed on the war memorial at a future date.

On Remembrance day perhaps we can hold a mental picture of these mem in our heads when we have our minute's silence.

A summary of the names and the background information used to compile this article together with other supporting information can be viewed on the Parish Council website at: http://www.camvaleparishcouncil.co.uk

Tom Gilchrist
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Inscription on memorial:







1914 – 1918


Gareth Hamilton Fletcher - Grenadier Guards (att'd Scots Guards)

William James Squibb - 7th Hussars

Joseph Squibb – Army Veterinary Corps

Charles Edwin Cadie - 1st Dorset Yeomanry

Alfred George Anthony - Machine Gun Corps

Harry Cousins - 5th Dorset Regt

Ernest Cox - 6th Somerset Light Infantry

William Biddlecombe - Dorset Yeomanry

Leslie Biddlecombe - North Somerset Yeomanry


Dedication Service


Link to War Memorial Research Data (xls file)